I am the Creator of Daily Results Today and Lotto Results Today Channel and creator of this Powerful lottery Technique Book. This Powerful Lottery Technique book is written to achieve Daily winnings all the strategies & Guides that i develop over the years is all in this book.  You can see from the “skip strategy” and all the method and approach to win on a day to day basis! Below is the Link to buy the Book     

Here is What inside the book you can find all the Secret Techniques & Strategy that i use on daily basis with complete and exact process with sample and workouts to get the exact method, this Book is 40 pages.


– Introduction

– How did it Begun?

– Secret Technique of the Skip Strategy

for Pick 3, Cash 3 & Daily & All 3 digit lottery game, Sample
& Workouts

– Secret Technique (Daily Win Strategy) Guide, Sample & Workouts

– The Power of 56 Combination (Non-stop Winnings, Sample & Workouts)

– The Box 6 Non-stop Hit Technique

– Powerful Wheel Pick 5 (6 Power **


– The Anatomy of Pick 4 **