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How to join using Paypal

1. If you do not have a paypal account, create your paypal account at takes only a minute
2. When you successfuly created your account just link your debit/credit card
3. After linking successful you can now subscribe here
4. Remember you can unsubscribe at anytime!

How To Join using Credit Card/Debit Card (Powered By Patreon)

1. Click Here
2. When you successfuly created your account just select debit/credit card as your payment method
3. After You join Check your email will automatically email your Username & Password to gain access to our site
4. if you do not receive your automatically your logins email us ( 24/7 Helpdesk

How to Join using Crypto Currency

For BTC (Bitcoin) 1MJ6Qow12eHboLTcwE9nhaWZBgkzhWzvUy
For Eth (Etherium) 0xcfc5aeb5fd560d6f8d9e7f558480093d43af40be
For BNB (BNB Chain) 0xcfc5aeb5fd560d6f8d9e7f558480093d43af40be

Above you can send your payment 14.99$ for 1 month of subscription and after we have receive and confirm your payment we will create manually your account and send your username and password to your email. send us your email after you send payment here:

For Inquiries regarding Payments and payment processing email: