How to Hit a Lottery Box Win (Part 2)- Win on Daily Basis!

On this 2nd part of the Guide I will Show you my technique. The timing i used to when to place my plays. this guide  show how i play and bet the lottery so here we go. As you can see i created a tool to find your key number based on your previous result you can see it Here, now when you get your 5 key number you can use that key numbers to generate your combinations.

Which you can use this tool click Here, now after you  generate your combination. Its time to schedule a timing to when to place your bets the perfect timing. I do not encourage you to do the same that i do but i will show you the exact method how i do it. To win on a daily basis is my goal, you can use this strategy for straight and box play

Below are the rules i follow before I place any bets

  1. Wait for the Double to be drawn this strategy is to lesser our cost. On this strategy we will you use the martingale technique my strategy here is to always secure a winning even in a small quantity important is to always hit.

Example result below:   


463 (Singles)

667 (Double combinations)

223 (Another Double)

053 ( single will follow)

So there you go a double draw is what i need to wait before i place any bets i am using a 5 key numbers combinations this means i occupy only a 5 numbers that is very small my percentage in winning is very small so we need a perfect timing and a martingale technique to double the bet if we loss. here is the 2nd rule

2. So this rule is very important other that waiting for double to be drawn the pattern of the number sometimes what i mean with this example below

number 9 a hot number, well always be drawn non stop example




150 (just 1 skip and the 9 again started been drawn)


You can see on this example a double has been drawn but the number 9 always come out non stop because the pattern will not always change i study this countless hours and days the pattern well be always like this. once you use this strategy you will understand how the pattern always comes like a round robin for each number, example this week, 9 is hot another. So other hot number will be next 5,4,3 hope this is clear now when you see a pattern like this do not place any bets. skip just relax and it will end prepare for it to end.


So now below i will show you how to execute and place my bets in a perfect timing without doubles. so i am using only singles and box plays

My key numbers 5,2,1,0 & 7



544 (Signal)

315 (Wait)

110 (Signal)

599 (Perfect Signal, Execute the Bet)

216 (Loss, but use the martingale technique means double your play next draw)

    517 HIT


As you can see above that is the perfect execution hope you now understand what this strategy is all about. This is very simple but you need to practice and data based in your previous result it will not change where ever you are the pattern will always remain the same. always to secure a winning see your past result you always see a pattern and a perfect timing you need to practice, my strategy and techniques i write on this are tested and never been seen before and before you do this remember i only show you how i play my lottery. there are more strategy coming on this site subscribe and Happy winnings!!!